Brescia - Italy

We sell Commodities:

Oil - Sugar - Cement

Woodstok Srl is company based in Brescia and Dubai with the operative office for energy sectors relevant activities. Woodstok Srl is managed by people having many experience mainly in the Sector related in the field of Oil, Oil Derivates and Cement.

We have currently contracts directly with Extractors and Refineries in some countries,  to ensure a constant supply of quality product for our Buyers. These contracts require our performance.  We have made commitments to insure that our Buyers receive quality product on time. A significant portion of our business is developed through relationships with Brokers and Facilitators. We protect our Brokers and Facilitators. We pay the commissions while offering competitive prices for quality product in flexible quantities. Choose our Company as the best contact for the Oil Derivates you can really trust and count on.

We are experiencing lots of offers of Oil Derivates, which do not come from our branches; we suggest therefore to verify always any offers of Oil Derivates.


Payment for Russian oil products should only be made by Letter of Credit.
This may take the form of Revolving Letters of Credit or in some cases Standby Letters of Credit.
Never will a potential buyer be requested to make a ‘cash’ payment, regardless of the circumstances.
There are many unscrupulous ‘pretenders’ that claim to be able to sell Russian oil products outside of Russia.
Most of these will be Nigerian oil scams.
Our advice is never to deal with any company requesting cash deposits or alike.
Some may try to get the buyer to make a ‘trial shipment’ and insist that for this first, often very small shipment a cash payment is needed. Never pay for any product of this nature with cash payments.
If you have been approached by a ‘seller’ of Russian oil products and wish to confirm if they are a legitimate supplier and licensed inside the Russian Federation for exporting oil products, pls contact Russian Federation Authority. In some cases, we offer a checking service. Please contact us for confidential advice.


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