Oil terminal in Novorossiysk

An oil tank farm with total storage capacity more than 9000 m3, railway station for simultaneus loading/unloading of 6 tank-cars, a steam-generating plant of 6,4 tons of sterm per hour, 2 pumping house...

Oil terminal development

An oil tank farm whit total storage capacity of 19 tblc m3 pumping hause whit capacity of 1750 m3 per hour, railway station for simultaneus loading/unloading, a berth for tankers un to 6000 dwt...

At the present time the fleet in the port of Novorossiysk includes two oil.carriers/bunkering vessel -m/v "transbunker" DWT 2541 tonnes, m/w Ulika DWT 3008 tonnes and bunkering vessel "prometey" DWT 1621 tonnes.
Presently, the acquired oil depot consist of:

  • the fleet of 3 tank cisterns 700 m3 each, 2100 m3 in total;
  • a station for discharge of oil products from 6 railway tank-carss;
  • a boiler plant of 4.5 ton/hour of steam;
  • a station for loading road tankers;
  • a park of high capacity road tankers.



(Khabarowsk region)

Oil loading terminal in Vanino

An oil tank farm with total storage capacity of 220 000 m3 wide network of internal railways, oil-processing plant, 3 railways stations for simultaneous processing of 70 railway tank-cars, 8 pumping houses, an automated blending unit..."Transbunker Ltd." production facilities also include: an oil tank farm with the total storage capacity of 220 000 m3 (to be expanded); a wide network of internal railways with a total lenght of 9 km and a capacity to accept 170 railway tank-cars simultaneously; 3 railway station for simultaneous loading/discharg operation of 70 railway tank-cars and prospects to increase discharging capacities up to 94 railway tank-cars; 8 pumping houses and technological pipelines for oil products delivery; an automated blanding unit for production of bunker fuels of prescribed viscosity with the blending capacity of 250 m3 per hour; a water front of 3 berths, one of which is the biggest in the far east to accomodate tankers up to 80.000 dwt; a steam-generating plant of 73 tons of steam per hour; modern installations for oil-contaminated water and sewage treatment; a laboratory for oil and oil product quality control. While increse the total capacity of the plant up to 1,5 million tonnes per annum for production of high quality oil product: black fuel oil, staight-run gasoline, diesel oil, Euro 4-5, jet fuel, low viscosity marine fuel.

(Sakhalin area)

Oil loading terminal in Kholmsk

An oil tank farm with storage capacity about 9500 m3, a berth for tankers and bunkering vessels up to 3500 dwt, stations for discharging of oil product from railway tank-cars and road tankers, pumping house...
the terminal has an oil tank farm for simultaneous storage of 8000 m3 of oil product, a berth for tankers and bunker burges of up to 3500 dwt oil pumps and pipelines. At the terminal of oil products can be discharged from sea-going vessels and loaded into them, as well as shipped by car trucks to hiterland consumers. The terminal is equiped with all the necessary facilities for fire-protection and enviromental safety. The Governor of Sakhaline desiganted the bunkering terminal as the best enterprise of such category of the island. The estimated output of the terminal is not less then 100.000 tons of oil product per year.

(Primorsk region)

Oil loading terminal in Nakhodka

An oil tank farm woth total storage capacity of 23.000 m3, a pumping house with the capacity of 400 m3 per hour, a station for dischrging of oil products from 14 railway tank-cars, a computerized fuel oil blender, a berh for tankers and bunkering vessel up to 10.000 dwt...
facilities of the terminal include:
- the group(s) own oil tank farm with a storage capacity of 18.000 m3;
- another storage of 5.000 m3 is leazed nearby;
- a station for discherge of oil products from 14 railway tank-cars equiped with the closed type dischrge sistem providing eating of the cold cargo by the heated fuel oil of the same grade.
- Hence, the watering of fuel oils in the process of discharge is completely excluded;
- a berth for tankers and bunkering tankers up to 10.000 dwt;
- a pumping house with the capacity of 400 m3 per hour;
- a computerized fuel oil blender of 400 m 3 per hour.




Oil loading terminal in Yuzhniy

An oil tank farm with total storage capacity more than 80000 m3, 2 stations to discharge iol products from 16 railway tank-cars, 2 berths for bunkering barges and tankers up to 5000dwt, pumping houses...
Facilities of the oil terminal are as follows:
storage capacities of 80000 m3 equipped with the modern computer system to monitor data of oil products stored;
2 stations to discharge oil products for 16 railway tank-cars;
2 berths for bunkering barges and tankers up to 5000 dwt;
1 berth for tankers up to 30000 dwt;
pumping houses and pipelines for oil products delivery according to provided schemes at the pumping rate of 1500 m3 for hour.


Oil loading terminal in Reni

An oil tank farm with total storage capacity of 15000 m3, laboratory for crude and oil products quality control, 3 berths for tankers and bunkering vessels stations for railway tank-cars and road tankers...
Bunkering and oil handling terminal in the port of Reni is serving the vessels on the Danube river. The terminal consists of three oil handling sites with the total storage capacity of 14600 m3, including 11000 m3 of the own tanks.


Oil loading terminal in Kerch

An oil tank farm with total storage capacity of 6000 m3, pumping house, railway station for discharging railway tank-cars, 1 berths for bunkering vessels up to 3500dwt...
Coming 3 tanks with the total capacity of 3000 m3 with the cistern of 3000 m3 capacity.
The Group's own bunkering fleet of 7 vessels ensures the bunkering services practically in all the Ukrainian ports of the Black Sea, as well as in the ports of the mouth of Dnieper and Danube rivers.


The terminal is in action 24/7 and has a storage capacity of 520,000 m3. in the coming years, this will be extended with 200,000 m3 to cater to the growing demand for storage.

Harbour nr: 3250
Capacity: 650,000 m3
Stainless steel: 106,000 m3
Mild steel: 414,000 m3
Tank size: Ranging from 150 m3 - 22,000 m3
Access by: Vessels up to Panamax size, coaster, barge,truck and railway. There's also the possibility of connecting to the RRP pipeline.
Truck loading stations: 14
Railway loading stations: 2 with locomotive
Berths: 3 for vessels, 8 for barges.
Draught: 13,65 m
Products: FOSFA recognised like edible oils and fats, oleochemical, white mineral oils and biofuel. Koscher.



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