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A Success Partnership

WOODSTOK SRL was instituted in the year 2000 operate  in the National and International markets buying and selling commodities as requested through its associated trading partners. Much attention is given to cooperation with tablished trading partners in various countries with particular attention to European, North African, Asian and Middle East markets. WOODSTOK SRL can count on the vast experience of it director and partners who have a reputation for their dynamism, flexibility and knowledge of the international market trends.

Over 100 years of business tradition

The Company

WOODSTOK SRL offer an answer to the process of liberalization and globalization of the world markets.
The main objects of the company include but are not limited to sourcing out products and commodities, both on the local and international market. WOODSTOK SRL offer its services as a logistic partner to those companies who wish to promote their products and services to new markets.

Mission and Vision

WOODSTOK SRL operate under strict values of discipline, integrity and confidentiality. It safeguards the interest of its business and logistic partners based on the knowledge and professional services offered through close and well established relationship with local legal and banking entities.
WOODSTOK SRL  are proud to offer its services to customers who share.

- Delivery Flexible Quantities-  
- Lowest Possible Prices-
- Our Business is Trade Transport-  
- Long Term Partnership-
- Respect Commission-

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                   Via Torbole, 6 -25030 Castelmella (Bs)