I am Mr. Giancarlo Besenzoni, and I have the pleasure to introduce myself and  my team to work with which I was able to realize my vision and business idea in trading of petroleum products.

I am a CEO of Woodstok and President of the Besenzoni Group.
Woodstok is specialized in Commodity.

Fert Spedizioni is specializes in the shipment of goods across Europe.
A CENTURY OF TRANSPORT: a century of experience that sets us apart.
Besenzoni Group  work in real estate.



Angelo Biassoni  General Manager of Woodstok
Angelo has several years of experience in sales and is a true professional.
He understands the business of selling and the need for long term customer relationship that is built only on integrity  and trust.
His customer care and dedication to service has secured a rewarding position within both the commodities and commercial.

-Our Objective-

Our objective is to strengthen the long‐term relationships with large companies, refineries and manufacturers in the field of oil and gas to become a leading market shareholder. We understand this is a competitive market place with many time wasting pitfalls and so we dedicate our care to; provide accurate review of contacts and trade procedures prior to submission, provide Guidance and support to our clients to produce rewarding success and follow through with negotiations until the completion and close of the trade contact.

-Our Goal-

The goal of our company is simple. To provide customer satisfaction with service that exceeds expectation.

-Our Vision-

To be referenced as one of the most reliable companies in the business of petroleum products and raw materials commodities trading.

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